• Stockinette
  • Splinting material (padded fiberglass or 12-15 layers of plaster)
  • Cast padding
  • Jones dressing
  • 6 "Elastic bandaging



Posterior Slab

  • Proximal: Two inches below popliteal space
  • Distal: Plantar surface of the metatarsal heads


10-15 cm below the level of fibular head on both the medial and lateral leg.

Splint Position

  • Will be placed like a posterior short splint combined with a shorter stirrup.

Posterior Short Leg

  • Extends down posterior leg, over the heel and ends at the metatarsal heads.


  • Start on lateral leg.
  • For the Bulky Jones splint wrap the stirrup under the metatarsal heads to help support the ankle at 90º. This is more distal than a typical stirrup is placed.
  • End on medial side at same level as the lateral side.


  • Maintain foot at 90º at all times, which will require an assistant.
    -First layer is cast padding or Stockinette. This protects the skin from the Jones padding. Start beyond the toes and wrap up to two inches distal to the popliteal space. This can be folded back later over the splinting material.
  • Apply Jones dressing (thick cotton padding) in a single overlapping layer. A second layer can be added over the calcaneus and foot.
  • Apply a layer of cast padding over the Jones dressing, with a focus on providing compression to the Jones dressing.
  • Apply posterior slab first.
  • Apply stirrup, which can run under the the metatarsal heads to keep the ankle at 90º.
  • Secure with elastic bandage, starting distally and wrapping proximally.
  • Stretch open the proximal part of the splint so that 2-fingers can easily be slid into the proximal splint.
  • Reassess pulses, motor and sensation.