• Stockinette
  • Splinting material (padded fiberglass or 8-10 layers of plaster)
  • Padding
  • Elastic bandaging



  • Proximal: Approximately 5 cm distal to the elbow joint
  • Distal: At the level of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints

Splint Position

  • There are 2 components to the splint: volar and dorsal.
  • Use a separate slab of splint material for each.
  • Both will run from the base of the fingers to the mid forearm on their respective sides.


  • Patient’s elbow flexed at 90° and forearm in neutral (neither pronation or supination).
  • Wrist in 15-20° of extension and fingers in a relaxed, slightly flexed positions (can holding position).
  • Pad the hand and wrist evenly, paying particular attention to areas of possible friction
  • Mold the splinting material to both the volar and dorsal aspects of the forearm and wrist to support the injury.
  • Wrap in elastic bandage
  • Reassess pulses, motor and sensation.