• Stockinette
  • Splinting material (padded fiberglass or 8-10 layers of plaster)
  • Padding
  • Elastic bandaging



  • Proximal: Elbow
  • Distal: Volar MCP joints and dorsal metacarpal heads

Splint Position

  • Start: Volar MCP joints.
  • Wrap around elbow.
  • End: Dorsal metacarpal heads.
  • Elbow held at 90º.
  • Forearm neutral with thumb up.
  • Slightly extended wrist (10–20º).


  • Pad the hand and wrist evenly, paying particular attention to areas of possible friction.
  • Mold the splint to provide direct support to the reduced elements of the injury: three point molding.
  • Wrap in elastic bandage.
  • Reassess pulses, motor and sensation.