• Stockinette
  • Splinting material (padded fiberglass or 8-10 layers of plaster)
  • Padding
  • Elastic bandaging



  • Proximal: Mid-forearm
  • Distal: Mid-distal phalanx of thumb

Splint Position

  • Extend down radial aspect of forearm.
  • Splint should include the thumb while leaving the other 4 digits unaffected.
    -Thumb should be slightly flexed and abducted (like holding a wine glass).


  • Cut hole in stockinette for thumb and apply to hand and forearm.
  • Apply second small piece of stockinette over the thumb.
  • Cut wedges on both sides of splinting
    material at MCP joint to keep splint material from bunching.
  • Apply padding to the hand and wrist evenly. Pay particular attention to the base of the thumb and distal radius.
  • Mold splinting material to the radial aspect of the forearm. Wrap splinting material around the thumb. Maintain slight wrist extension.
  • Wrap in elastic bandage
  • Reassess pulses, motor and sensation.